Brighton Trans Pride was a magnificently beautiful event!

Even if the sun hadn’t shone as gloriously as it did upon Brighton Trans Pride it still would have been a magnificently beautiful event!

I’ve always believed its beautiful to see people having the opportunity to freely express their true selves & that was exactly what I saw on display yesterday. Transwomen, transmen, gender non-binaries all congregating together seizing the opportunity to freely express their true selves free from the fear of persecution, it could do nothing but fill my heart with joy & hope & it did in abundance.

I’ve been a transwoman whose long preached the mantra that trans people need to be out, loud & unashamedly proud! I’m a transwoman who preaches the agenda that trans people need far greater visibility, because the more us trans people visible the less likely we’ll be victimised, bullied & persecuted.

Trans people have so often found ourselves vilified, marginalised & discriminated against by wider society & so a movement like Trans Pride is important to give us a greater voice in pushing trans equality. Even in regards to the LGBT community trans people can often find our voices ignored & thus our specific interests ignored, so a movement like Trans Pride is important because its giving us the means to put T interests first.

I was at the inaugural Brighton Trans Pride last year & the Brighton event has certainly grown this year with amount of stalls of various organisations in support of trans people & the mount of trans people in attendance, but this year marked a first in there being a trans specific pride march through the streets of Brighton, which to my knowledge was the first in Britain. Since the inaugural Brighton Trans Pride last year it really does seem that Trans Pride is blossoming into some kind of movement, I’m hearing of various Trans Pride events not just happening in Britain but around the globe. Yes I’m sure there have been & there are various trans orientated events, but the whole moniker of Trans Pride seems to be encouraging the trans community to have a voice of our own & for a whole swathe of the trans community to have pride & confidence in being trans, so here’s hoping that Trans Prides carries on growing as a global movement.

I was at last year’s Brighton Trans Pride, I was at this year’s Brighton Trans Pride & will do my upmost to attend next year’s Brighton Trans Pride & every Trans Pride held thereafter, because it really gives me joy people fulfilling their dream in simply being their true selves. I’ve successfully transitioned to being the woman I grew up knowing I was & knowing the liberation that gave me & so I want others who also suffered the misery & pain caused by gender dysphoria to experience the liberation I felt by becoming their true selves & Trans Pride can only be a positive in aiding people to do that.

I must conclude by saying a big thank you to Sarah Savage & everybody else who helped to organised such a wonderful event.