Blue JellyfishSo David Cameron whilst holidaying in Spain went swimming against advice given by local officials & was stung by a jellyfish.

For all the egregious shite David Cameron & his Tory cohorts have inflicted upon peeps with disabilities & other vulnerable people, I think a jellyfish to have stung him is the least he deserves. Considering the suffering & death having been inflicted upon the most vulnerable in society over the past few years, I kind of think Cameron & his Tory cohorts like Iain Duncan Smith should be facing prison sentences.

It appears that the Tory supporters have been getting their panties in bind somewhat due many lefties expressing some delight on social media at Cameron coming off worse with his encounter with a jellyfish; which just illustrates to me how of touch the Tories as to why the left might take delight with Cameron coming off worse with a jelly fish, it illustrates that Tories don’t get why so many people might wish the worse for David Cameron & his Tory cohorts.

It’s not just that Tories don’t get how the policies of the Cameron Administration have impacted so egregiously upon the most vulnerable in society, it’s that they refuse to see it for themselves rather wanting to bollock on about an economic recovery that’s only benefiting the few & not the many. Of course when they are forced to face the statistics in the rise of poverty & the fall in living standards, the rise in food banks & kids turning up to school suffering from the symptoms of malnutrition, Tory politicians blame the previous Labour government. Oh then there are those Tory gobshites who come off sounding like fucking sociopaths, expressing that they don’t care if vulnerable people starve to death & being allowed to get away saying such shite; in fact one Tory supporter actually said to me in person that peeps with disabilities dies then that’s just collateral damage & tough shit as it’s a price worth paying.

Some people sadly bought into the Tory propaganda that we were facing economic armageddon due to the amount of government borrowing when the Tory led government to power back in 2010, which was just a means of the Tories to condition people into the ship is sinking mentality & thus every man for themselves. It’s funny how government borrowing is higher now then it was back in 2010 & yet you no longer hear the Tories screaming economic fucking armageddon, the Tories now just want to talk about a supposed economic recovery which has seemed to only be feeding the wealthy at expense of starving the most vulnerable, oh & Tories wonder why so many are angry & only might wish the worse for Cameron & the Tories; oh but of course you can’t speak ill of the messiah.

Apparently David Cameron now reckons he’s carrying on the work of Jesus, err I thought according to biblical text Jesus cured those with disabilities not put them in the ground like Cameron & the Tories have been doing. The truth is that peeps with disabilities have been needlessly put in the ground as consequence of the Tories policies servicing the greed of the 1%, it’s a truth that the Tories refuse to see but it’s the truth which is why Cameron getting stung by a jelly fish is the least many of us on the left think he least deserves.



Monica Jones

The recent arrest of Monica Jones is proof enough that in the United States you can still be arrested for being trans, which is pretty much equivalent to a Black person being arrested for being Black.

Monica Jones, a trans woman & trans activist living in the state of Arizona, was recently arrested & convicted of ‘manifesting prostitution’, despite the fact that Monica wasn’t actually engaged in any act that constituted prostitution rather she accepted a ride to a bar in her neighbourhood from two undercover cops. It appears that the cops that arrested her did so because they suspected her of an act & action that ‘manifests an intent to commit or solicit an act of prostitution’ & I’d contend that the only reason that those cops that arrested her on the suspicion that she intended to engage in an act that constituted prostitution was due to the fact that she’s a trans woman; thus Monica Jones was arrested for being trans.

Despite the fact that being trans has nothing to do with sexual orientation or sexual proclivity; many people have the very misguided notion that if you’re trans then you must be a sexual deviant/pervert & are likely employed as a sex worker. Not sure how a trans woman accepting a lift to a local bar constitutes an act that ‘manifests an intent to commit or solicit an act of prostitution’, but its pretty obvious to me that those cops who arrested Monica likely thought she was a prostitute purely because they reckoned that if you’re a trans woman then you must automatically be a prostitute & having such an attitude is a prejudice that frigging stinks.

It’s kind of a fundamental human right to be free to be peacefully yourself & not to have the prejudice that just peacefully being yourself automatically deems you a criminal, but it doesn’t seem to be a fundamental human right that the state of Arizona wants to respect if your trans. Prior to the recent arrest of Monica Jones for being trans, the Arizona state legislature had debated making it a criminal offence for trans women to use the women’s toilets at public venues. It seems to me that there are some in the corridors of power in Arizona who want to make Arizona a hostile place for trans people to reside, yet if they did the same to Blacks or Jews they’d be greater outrage & consternation & those in power would recoil quickly from instituting such obvious bigotry. Just as Blacks can’t help being Black & Jews can’t help being Jews, trans people can’t help being trans & so it should be obvious that those in the corridors of power in Arizona who want to make Arizona a hostile place for trans people to reside are essentially transphobic bigots & there should be far greater outrage to this obvious transphobic bigotry etc.

No matter how many people in the United States seem to be fastidious & litigious about the U.S Constitution & protection of the individual rights it enshrines, constitutional rights & fundamental civil liberties don’t seem to apply if you’re trans. The arrest of Monica Jones though totally out of order was actually pretty mild compared with other violations to the civil liberties of trans people there have been in the United States, it’s still not an uncommon occurrence for trans people in the United States not to just be arrested for being trans but killed for being trans.



Deborah Hopkins

I can understand how some in the Labour Party might think Deborah Hopkins has been somewhat over the top in her approach & thus possibly detrimental to the Labour Party, but personally speaking I’m fed up with the Labour Party hierarchy thinking it must play the game of having to pander to the Daily Mail. to win elections

Deborah Hopkins was Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the Cornish constituency of St Austell & Newquay, but has now been suspended from the party because its now deemed to be offensive to be tweeting that the Tories are “killing the sick” & “starving the disabled”. Err when has it become offensive to state the truth? The Tories are doing exactly what Deborah Hopkins claims they’re doing, the Tories have been egregiously inflicted suffering & death upon the most vulnerable all as a means of rewarding their wealthy chums in the city & elsewhere & their perpetual greed. Me thinks that the no punches pulled approach of Deborah Hopkins in defence of those who are sick & disabled is definitely the approach that Labour needs to take more often, because Labour are meant to be the party that champions greater social justice & it’s time to get real candid in the seriousness as to the suffering the Tories are inflicting upon people who due to no fault of their own are sick or disabled & be blunt as to the real reasons of greed which are motivating the Tories to inflict such suffering upon the most vulnerable.

For her defence of the sick & disabled Deborah Hopkins has certainly gained support as a petition has been set up to try to get Deborah reinstated as a parliamentary candidate, for her defence of the Deborah has gotten my support but…….Is Deborah Hopkins a Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF)?

Though I’ve not seen any evidence myself to support the accusation that Deborah Hopkins might be a TERF, I’ve been told by at least two sources within the Labour Party that as well as the tweets in defence of those who are sick & disabled there was a tweet or tweets that were considered to be transphobic & a complaint was lodged against her. If it’s true that Deborah Hopkins has been expressing transphobic views via Twitter then I can’t support her because I’m both trans & a person with disabilities & for me it’s intolerable hypocrisy for somebody to be defending one oppressed minority whilst totally disrespecting another. Considering that the Labour is meant to be the party of greater social justice & equality,it’s particularly not good to be having any candidate or party official being utterly hypocritical in defending one oppressed minority whilst totally disrespecting another oppressed minority.

I’ve certainly would criticize any person with disabilities if they’re being disrespectful towards any trans person & I certainly have criticized trans people for being disrespectful to peeps with disabilities. No person should ever be oppressed upon the basis of what they can’t help whether it be the colour of their skin, ethnicity, physical or mental incapacity, gender, sexual orientation. Human rights are for all, human rights are universal, no person or group should ever think that human rights should be afforded to them & exceptions made to disparage the human rights of any other person or group.

From the reports I saw surrounding the suspension of Deborah Hopkin from Labour Party its being reported purely as a reaction to the tweets she made in defence of those who are sick & disabled & against the treatment being inflicted upon them by the Tories; however with the knowledge that there are allegations that Deborah Hopkins has been propagating transphobic views from individuals who might otherwise support her defence of those who are sick or disabled, I can’t help thinking there’s more to the story surrounding Deborah Hopkins.



Nick Martin – Mayor of Swindon

The Tory Mayor of Swindon has been forced to apologise after describing people with disabilities as “mongols” & questioned whether people with disabilities should have sex. Nick Martin made his repugnantly offensive remarks about peeps with disabilities during a Swindon Borough Council meeting & then proceeded to deny any wrongdoing & only now has done so due to two Labour councillors lodging a complaint & independent standards panel found him guilty & ordering him to apologise.

The fact that a Tory politician could make such offensive remarks about peeps with disabilities is egregious enough; but the fact that he then proceeded to then deny any wrongdoing for making such offensive remarks & having had to be forced to make an apology is beyond egregious, as it illustrates another individual on the rightwing of the political spectrum who has some pretty repugnantly offensive views about those of us with disabilities & expresses such repugnant views about those of us with disabilities with sickening arrogance. Mr Martin shouldn’t have just had to of been forced to apologise for making hideously offensive remarks which he made about peeps with disabilities but should be forced to resign & if the Tories had any sense they’d ban him ever running for public office again as well as any other Tory who espouses similar repugnant views about peoples with disabilities; but of course this is the Tories we are talking about & they’ve been the party in government over the last four years victimizing peeps with disabilities.

Questioning whether people with disabilities should be having sex, err what the f…?!?!? Do the likes of Mr Martin & any other Tory think that peeps with disabilities are spreading some kind of sexually transmitted disease which spawns infants with deformities? I serious worry about what kind of dement frigging ignorant backwards repugnant thinking some Tories might have about people with disabilities having sex, because Mr Martin isn’t the first Tory or rightwing headbanger I’ve heard questioning whether peeps with disabilities should be having sex since the Tories came to power in 2010. Ever since the Tories came to power in 2010 peeps with disabilities have been systematically victimized for the economic problems in this country despite those economic problems being caused by the mistakes of bankers; but there have been some on the rightwing of the political spectrum who have gone beyond the general victimization of peeps with disabilities via supposed welfare reform (& I’m not talking about neo-Nazis here) in suggesting the sterilization of people with disabilities or compulsory euthanasia of peoples with severe disabilities as a means of reducing tax & spending,

Mr Martin’s remarks about people with disabilities were offensive & yes certainly ludicrous, but they’re also extremely dangerous because questioning whether peeps with disabilities should be having sex is helping to nudge open a Pandora’s Box of questions about eugenics which certainly aren’t beneficial to peeps with disabilities. We’ve seen before from the history of the last century that when there are severe economic problems & when minorities are being victimized for those economic problems & you’ve people entertaining hideous ideas about eugenics, it leads to certain minorities being sent to extermination camps. Some might think me an alarmist but I believe I’ve legitimate worries of history repeating itself & me & other peeps with disabilities being a victim of that possible repetition, because despite the fact it was the bankers not peeps with disabled which caused the world economic crisis which we’re still reeling from, bankers have used money & influence to buy Tory politicians & manipulate the media to deflect blame upon people with disabilities for the economic suffering of the many & the many bought into blaming peeps with disabilities for their economic troubles.