When Cait Met Kate


Caitlyn Jenner & Kate Bornstein

I not wanted this blog to turn into the ‘I Am Cait’ blog, as for me personally there are other things I’d prefer to write about & for me personally ‘I Am Cait’ isn’t exactly representative of the lives of average trans women & I’m pretty sure somewhere on the interwebs a trans fangirl has already set up a blog which follows every aspect of the show & well I just wouldn’t be able to compete with such dedication even if I wanted to.


However I’m still watching ‘I Am Cait’ how cringeworthy & atrocious I might think it is at times & there’s still happenings which occur in the show that I feel I must write about.


I particularly detested the third episode of ‘I Am Cait, the first 5 to 10 minutes were fine where Caitlyn Jenner, Candis Cayne, Jenny Boylan & two other trans activists had travelled to a charitable project in San Francisco which helps trans women who have had to resort to sex work to support themselves & Caitlyn Jenner did seem genuinely moved by the accounts she heard of some of the trans women who the charity helps, but it was the rest of the episode which was atrocious where Caitlyn, Candis & entourage of trans women gallivant around the Napa Valley riding bikes, roller-skate, taking a dip in the pool & doing a spot of wine tasting. I know even trans activists are entitled to take time off, but it’s like one moment Caitlyn Jenner & co are all choked up about trans women in desperate situations & the next it’s oh fuck them we are off on an ostentatious jaunt.


Despite many reviews saying what a mess ‘I Am Cait’ happens to be & how atrocious I personally reckon the show to be at times, there was a bit in the fourth episode which very much resonated with me in my own journey as a trans woman & it came courtesy of Kate Bornstein. Essentially Kate Bornstein said that for years the fear of being seen as a freak kept her back from transitioning & how she finally managed to combat this fear by revelling in being freak & that she now owns the realm of freakdom & I’ve had a very similar experience in that regards. The fear of being seen as a freak & not being capable of living up to the woman I envisaged myself being kept me from transitioning & it was only when I realised I’m the woman I’m not the woman I dreamt of being that I finally made a successful transition, I’d not say I revel in being any kind of freak but I certainly revel in being something of a nonconformist & unique individual.


I can understand Caitlyn Jenner not wanting to be seen as a freak & I can empathise with her wanting to be seen as an ordinary woman, but for fucks sake, considering the kind of public profile Caitlyn has & possibly will continue to have, me thinks dream on Caitlyn if she ever thinks she’s ever going to pass in society as an ordinary woman, I mean she’s chauffeured around in a blacked out SUV due to the gaze of the paparazzi following her everywhere etc.


I will continue to watch ‘I Am Cait’ so long as it airs & I’m not wanting the show to be axed not matter how shite I personally might think it as times, because there’s still stuff in the show which is true for the vast majority of trans women & short segments such as the one where Cait met Kate. Maybe more input into the show from Kate Bornstein could improve the show, well it would improve the show in my opinion being as I’m something of a fan of Kate & much of what she has to say, in fact fuck it, my suggestion in conclusion is some cable TV network should give Kate Bornstein her own show because it would get viewers on the strength that Kate has opinions that will get a reaction but not opinions that are meant to get a reaction for the sake of getting a reaction.

Objections To Miss Transgender United

13284_931298050266917_820882087608982999_nI’m not exactly your stereotypical shaven head, DMs & dungaree wearing militant radical feminist lesbian which misogynistic & sexist bigoted twats paint all radical feminists as being, but I do generally object to beauty pageants whether they’re cis or trans & thus I’ve objections to Miss Transgender United which is going to be the subject of a BBC documentary.


Of course some involved with the Miss Transgender United have essentially alleged that the core reason I object to Miss Transgender United is because I’m just bitter & twisted with jealousy about there being more gorgeously beautiful trans women then myself! Hey beauty is in the eye of the beholder & it’s not exactly as if I’m pug fucking ugly & even if I was 20 years thinner I’d not want to participate & be objectified in some meat market of titillation, I find the whole fucking egotistical trip I find fucking degrading & harmful to the trans community.


Trans women already get crap from TERFs about reinforcing patriarchal stereotypes of femininity & here we go with Miss Transgender United reinforcing patriarchal stereotypes of femininity, oh geez TERFs are going to have orgasms (& then some) about this, particularly as Miss Transgender United is just as sexist as any cisgender female beauty pageant. Miss Transgender United not Transgender United, no category for trans men or trans non binaries & as well as Miss Transgender United being discriminatory towards sections of the trans community in a sexist manner, it’s divisive to the trans community in its judging categories. Who’s to say what the differences are these days between transsexuals, transvestites & drag queens, okay drag queens might on the whole be pretty different to transsexuals & transvestites, but who is to say what are the difference is between transsexuals & transvestites as the lines are lot more blurred these days & everything is a great deal more fluid then there being actual lines of demarcation between transsexuals & transvestites & I know many who object to those lines of demarcation somehow being reinforced as the mantra is we are all united in being trans but not so with Miss Transgender United.


I guess my biggest objection to a beauty pageant such as Miss Transgender United is that beauty is the eye of the beholder & that Miss Transgender United is going to encourage a certain standard or mould of beauty which trans women are going to have to live up to otherwise they’re going to be considered a failure by those who have viewed Miss Transgender United & seen a particular mould of beauty being judged as to how a trans woman should be & vulnerable trans women are just going to think they’re even more shit then they already are due to being wracked with gender dysphoria.


Rachael Bailey who’s organising this event does have somewhat patronising tone towards the contestants as ‘my girls’ & guess that says it all which is wrong with this frigging beauty pageant.


Rachael is under the misapprehension that Miss Transgender United is going to raise awareness about trans issues, when in fact its more likely just going to be yet another trans freak show with whatever documentary the BBC broadcasting & perverts getting off on guessing which trans woman still has a cock. Oh & whatever documentary the BBC do eventually broadcast isn’t like to give voice to the majority of us trans women who actually object to a beauty pageant such as this because hey the documentary makers wouldn’t want to kill the buzz of perverts enjoying the parade of trans freaks which the documentary makers have edited & packaged to titillate them with.


Oh & look who some of the judges at the finale are going to be, Kellie Maloney who not so long ago was a member of UKIP & from what I’ve heard first hand is still something of a racist gobshite, so yeah Kellie not known for having progressive views & she’ll be sitting on the judging panel at the finale of Miss Transgender United with a judge who’s worked in the fetish end of the porn industry, the last thing the plight of trans women needs to be linked with is fetishism as TERFs won’t be the only transphobes having orgasms over having that ammo to barrage the trans community with. The one member of the judging panel I’m really puzzled by is Jenny Anne Bishop who has a been a brilliant trans activist over the years & thus I’m reluctant to criticize her, but I can’t wondering if Jenny Anne is allowing her ego rule her head at the opportunity of being on television again.


I know not all will agree with what I say here, even though in straw polls I’ve seen an overwhelming majority of trans women object as I do to Miss Transgender United, those who are involved have fiercely defended it to the point where debates on the topic have become more then heated. It seems to me that Miss Transgender United has become a hot topic which is divisive to the trans community & something we could do without for the sake of trans women.

UKIP, The US Tea Party, Anti LGBT Bigotry & Specifically Transphobic Hate

Nigel Farage & Rand Paul

Nigel Farage & Rand Paul

I’m often asked why it is I take such an interest in the far-right in the US spouting transphobic hate, when I happen to live in Britain. Well other than being a trans commentator who will battle transphobia as much as I can upon the stories I pick upon & which interest me enough to write about, I’ve concerns that the anti LGBT hate & transphobia spouted by the far right in the US will give far-right bigots here ideas, particularly as there are definite links between the GOP/Tea Party movement & UKIP.


Many will remember Nigel Farage’s shock & awful tactic in the leaders debates during the last general election campaign where he spouted hate about immigrants suffering from HIV, well that had come as a consequence of Stephen Bannon who at the time had been one of Farage’s chief advisors & has links with the far-right in the United States & previously been an advisor/consultant to the US Tea Party & wanted to develop UKIP into the British equivalent of the US Tea Party. Ironically after Stephen Bannon quit as one of Nigel Farage’s senior advisors, he took up a senior post with Breitbart London which of course is the UK section Breitbart News which is a US conservative blog & who’s editor-at-large is a known transphobe & anti LGBT bigot.


Both Nigel Farage & Christopher Monckton (another senior UKIP member) have appeared infrequently as guests on Alex Jones’s radio show & of course Jones being the far-right loon who spouts odious anti LGBT hate & transphobia is no surprises supportive of UKIP. Though Christopher Monckton is known more for being a climate change denier who’s appeared at Tea Party rallies literally saying that climate change is bullshit, he’s also a rabid homophobe & written for WorldNetDaily espousing he’s odiously homophobic opinions & of course WorldNetDaily has recently started spouting a great deal more hate at the trans community as a consequence of us trans being more prevalent in the mainstream media.


Anytime Farage does go to the United States on a trip he’s always seems to be having very friendly meetings with GOP Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky & Farage has described Paul as his ‘soul mate’, Paul along with the likes of Michele Bachmann have been the darlings of the Tea Party Movement & do I really need to go into detail of the bat-shit crazy homophobia spouted by Michele Bachmann or that you’ll hear spouted at any Tea Party rally or that when UKIP General Secretary made a slew of transphobic comments to far-right US conservative groups.


I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be homophobic or transphobic bigots here in Britain if the Tea Party movement in the United States didn’t exist, however it’s obvious to me that the Tea Party movement is egging on senior UKIP members spouting hate towards LGBT peeps. Alan Sked who was UKIP’s founder has essentially said that Nigel Farage & UKIP are now essentially a bunch of bigots & it wasn’t what he had envisaged when he founded UKIP. Maybe if it weren’t for the influence of the Tea Party movement in the United States egging UKIP on spouting hate then UKIP would be more of an anti EU protest party as Sked had originally intended it to be.


Yes if UKIP didn’t exist there’d still be homophobic & transphobic bigots, but now with World Wide Web connecting us all it’s far easy for ignorant bigots to have their noggins fed by the hate of the far-right in the United States & the fact the far-right are far more organised in the United States & more savvy in communicating their message of hate because it’s in the interests of the uber wealthy such as the Koch Brothers wanting to push a neoliberal economic agenda etc.


I should add to all the above that I don’t just steadfastly oppose UKIP because their bunch of rabid homophobic & transphobic bigots, but also because they’re disablist bigots & that as a person with disabilities their Thatcherite on speed economic agenda really is against my own interests & any person with disabilities.

A Reminder That Chelsea Manning Is An American Hero Not A Criminal

Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning

It’s being reported that Chelsea Manning could be placed in solitary confinement indefinitely for having the Caitlyn Jenner issue of Vanity Fair in their possession.


The most important thing for me isn’t that Chelsea Manning is trans, it’s that she helped expose a war criminal, so never mind Chelsea Manning being possibly placed in solitary confinement, she shouldn’t be in prison period! Chelsea shouldn’t be in prison, she should get a medal as she’s an American hero, but hey the Military Industrial Complex can’t be seeing to profit from committing atrocities as it’s just not good public relations.


Though I’ve immense empathy for Chelsea being trans & the predicament she finds herself in, I’m not one of those trans peeps who jumped on the ‘Free Chelsea’ bandwagon when she came out as trans, I was shouting Free Manning since she named & arrested for having leaked the Collateral Murder Video, but of course being as I’m a trans woman I can’t ignore the fact that Chelsea is trans & nor the unjust treatment she’s had for being gender dysphoric whilst being incarcerated.


If Chelsea Manning suffered from a kidney disorder, it would have been considered as inhumane treatment to have prevented them from getting proper medical treatment, but not so it appears for the fact she suffers from gender dysphoria which is a bonafide legitimate medical disorder. From my understanding Chelsea Manning is now allowed to receive HRT which certainly will take the edge of having gender dysphoria, but if she’s still on the whole being treated as a male inmate & not allowed to transition then that counts as inhumane punishment in my opinion as it’s disrespecting her very being & not just punishing her for the supposed crime she committed.


Here’s hoping Barrack Obama will give a presidential pardon to Chelsea Manning upon leaning office in 2017 & peeps in the United can sign this petition to lobby for Chelsea Manning to receive a presidential pardon.

I Might Be Sweary & Shouty But Hey Caroline Cossey Likes What I Write!

Caroline Cossey
Caroline Cossey

Caroline Cossey

Unsurprisingly I’ve had a complaint about being too shouty & sweary & it not being very ladylike. Hey just because I’m a trans woman it don’t mean I’m any kind of lady, I think I’ve been pretty clear throughout this blog that my mantra is fuck patriarchal stereotypes of femininity. Just because I’m a trans woman it doesn’t mean I want to be Thora fucking Hird, twin set & pearls, cucumber sandwiches & afternoon tea, my feminine heroes were all girl Punk Rock bands like L7 & other tomboy etc.


Of course when you do conform to patriarchal stereotypes of womanhood then TERFs in particular will criticize you for reinforcing those patriarchal stereotypes & when you don’t conform to those patriarchal stereotypes then TERFs & wider society will criticize you for not somehow validating yourself as a woman for not being ladylike enough. Those who are always attempting to manipulate the goalposts are just bullies & thus best avoided, as it goes I say fuck the goalposts, in fact I ain’t playing the mind games bullies try & make me play & so I say fuck the game entirely!


I’ve often described my style of social commentary as a cross between Bill Hicks & the Sex Pistols meets a Rottweiler with rabies & though I’d reckon that’s a pretty clear description of my style of social commentary, I’ve still had plummy middle class types troll me like a swarm on various scuzbucket political blogs I’ve written for over the years trying to lecture me about my style of commentary because they’re so use to the sedate commentary they might read in The Guardian or The Times of London.


Hey I might be 41yrs old but I’m still Punk as fuck, I was born Punk Rock & I’ll die Punk Rock! If peeps find me too Punk Rock then hey tough shit, I’m not pointing a gun at anybody’s head to read my stuff. If you don’t like what I write then go read something which is more in tune with the kind of commentary you’d prefer to read, I don’t really care about readership or fandom because I don’t write to impress anybody, I write for my own necessity to vent, but as it goes there’s are peeps regularly reading my blog & I’ve acquired fans from some surprising quarters.


Nobody from the mainstream of the trans community has actually complained to me about my manner of commentary here on this blog, in fact most of my trans sister & brother comrades appreciate what I write & some of those sister & brother comrades are in fact some pretty serious hardened trans activists. What really pleasantly shocked me was that my trans hero, the trans woman who first gave me hope that I could truly be me is a regular reader & fan of this blog, yes Caroline Cossey likes what I write!


Back in the late 80s, Caroline Cossey was the first trans woman I remember being in the media & she gave me a great deal of hope that yes it was possible for me to truly be the woman I knew I was particularly as at that time I had many peeps around me pooh-poohing the idea I was really a woman & wanted to undergo gender reassignment.


Cossey_Caroline_-_Smirnoff_Vodka_1980_SmallThough seeing Caroline in the news media for being trans gave me (& likely many others) hope, of course Caroline herself hadn’t wanted to be in the
media for being trans. For those who don’t know who Caroline Cossey is, well she was a top British model in the 1970s/80s, for instance she appeared in a famous Smirnoff Vodka advertising campaign. Having a successful modelling career eventually led her to her being a Bond girl in the film For Your Eyes Only & this subsequently led to her being outed by the tabloid press for being trans.


Caroline did use her profile when she was outed to advocate for trans peeps & got the ball rolling in challenging the British government in the European Court of Humans Rights regards the lack of equal rights there were for trans peeps & all of which eventually led after several more challenges in the European Courts to the Gender Recognition Act which gave trans peeps equal rights.


Admittedly in hindsight there’s irony & mixed feelings about Caroline giving me hope for having been in the media for being trans, because a) I know she didn’t want to be in the media glare for being trans & b) because having been outed as trans by the tabloid press & continuously harassed by the press for being trans had led to a great deal of pain her personal life.


I’m not sure how much consolation it is for Caroline giving me hope 25yrs ago & I never imagined I’d ever be able tell her personally that she did give me a great deal of hope in becoming the woman I’m, but a few weeks ago I did get to tell her & then I found out she likes what I write here which had me literally physically shaking with delightful shock.


Caroline told me that she likes those peeps such as me who have no inhibitions in being strongly opinionated & rates a scuzzbucket social commentator such as myself & well considering the kind of person Caroline seems to be it was a serious shock for me to hear this, but of course it was greatly appreciated particularly as I’m a social commentator specialising in commentary upon trans issues.


I might not primarily write for adulation, but it’s always great to get praise particularly when it’s from one your heroes, so thanks Caroline, you helped set me on the path of fulfilment of happiness in the woman I’m & thank you for liking the writings of Sophia Christina Botha.

Oh No There’s Transgenders On The Television

Oh deary me what is the world coming to when there are programs been shown on primetime television featuring transgenders, it should be unheard of that in the 21st century there’d be transgenders on primetime television, I mean we transgenders still ought to be cowering in the closet ashamed of what we are.


The Family Research Council, WorldNetDaily & in general US conservatives are getting their panties in a bind that’s there’s being three primetime television shows about ‘transgenders’.


Talk about othering & dehumanizing trans peeps by referring to us as ‘transgenders’ as WorldNetDaily has done, I doubt they’d refer to peeps of colour as ‘The Blacks’ or peeps who are of Jewish descent as ‘The Jews’, however knowing that WorldNetDaily has propagated the Birther conspiracy notably by Jerome Corsi who’s their staff writer, it actually wouldn’t surprise me that WorldNetDaily would other & dehumanize peeps of colour as all the Birther conspiracy happens to be is a charade of racism against Barrack Obama.


So according Peter Sprigg who’s a spokespersons for the Family Research Council those who don’t identify with the biological gender of their god given body should receive the kind of therapy that will make them more comfortable with the antimony that god gave them, err what makes Sprigg a fucking expert on the treatment of gender dysphoria! It amazes how many of these uber rightwing conservative dickheads mouth off about trans peeps seeming as if their an expert on the matter when in fact it’s pretty fucking evident they know fuck all! They tried giving trans peeps shock therapy back in the 1950s/60s to dissuade them they weren’t trans & it didn’t work because no matter how much you try dissuade somebody who’s genuinely trans they can’t be dissuaded because the simple psychological fact is their trans!


You can threaten to beat the shit out of me to dissuade me that I’m not female, you could in fact beat the shit out of me to dissuade me I’m female & I will still say I’m female with all my strength, you could put a gun to my head & threaten to pull the trigger unless I admit I’m not a woman & I’d say pull the fucking trigger, but why would anybody want to? Why would anybody to slap any trans person around the face trying to dissuade them they’re not what they know there are with every fibre of their being, why not just accept that some peeps are trans & get over it!


Two of the three cable television programs that conservatives are alarmed about feature trans children, the other being Caitlyn Jenner’s reality television show I Am Cait. I’ve only seen I Am Cait so I can’t really comment on the other two shows which feature trans children, but I know the treatment of trans children is a contentious & controversial matter & really I can only speak on the matter from personal experience & I know from my personal experience that I’d have given anything to of had early intervention as it would have adverted a great deal of pain in my adolescence. My foster mother who when I was a child pooh-poohed me & said I was disturbed any time I said I was a woman, has since admitted that with the power of hindsight I should have had early intervention for gender dysphoria, but of course the Thatcherite 80s weren’t as an enlightened era & it’s not something I want to return to & have trans children tormented, so the more wider society can be educated by documentaries on trans children the better me thinks & fuck conservatives wanting to torment trans children by preventing them from getting adequate medical treatment.


I’d suggest the likes of Peter Sprigg & Jerome Corsi & any other conservative watch the very moving speech by Debi Jackson who’s a mother of a trans daughter & who’s no pinko liberal, but they won’t, no they’ll keep on othering & dehumanizing trans peeps & I’ll have to keep fighting them to ensure not just there’s equality for trans peeps but the existence of trans peeps.

Detransition Radio Can F**k Off

Mark & Lynna Cummings

Mark & Lynna Cummings

I didn’t think anytime soon I’d be writing again about the pair of Uncle Tom fuckwits who present Transition Radio or as I prefer to call it Detransition Radio or TERF radio as some of my trans friends might likely call their Internet program, yeah well unfortunately there’s still plenty to say about the fact Mark & Lynna Cummings are wracked with self-hatred & are acting out at the trans community, as a counsellor I know said to me that when those with inner turmoil act out as Mark & Lynna Cummings so obviously are then it turns them into monsters.


This diatribe from myself isn’t due to me being trolled by the Cummings as I expected they would after my last outing detailing some of their transphobic activities.


I know some will say that if I call them deranged trans Uncle Tom fuckwits then I should expect them to rebut that in kind & as I say I expected them to do so, but the point is that TERF transphobes don’t actually need provocation to be assholes & worse towards to trans peeps & not trans peeps who can handle a bit of verbal argy-bargy such as myself. TERF transphobes will prey upon vulnerable young trans peeps without inhibition & in fact many of us trans activists are pretty certain that TERF bullying can be attributed to several suicides of young trans peeps.


TERFs have had no qualms stating they’d like nothing more then wiping trans peeps from existence, yes they’d like nothing better for all us trans peeps to drop fucking dead & thus I think it’s understandable all things considered why I might get a tad angry & why I might get angry at those trans Uncle Toms like Mark & Lynna Cummings who with their ‘Ex Trans’ bullshit advocacy are trying to prevent trans peeps to get the necessary medical treatment! Though I’ve not heard myself the Cummings say they’d like trans peeps to be wiped from existence,they might as well as being they’re trying to prevent trans peeps from transitioning & having adequate medical treatment,  adequate medical treatment which if many trans peeps don’t receive they’d be dead!


I’ve non trans friends who can testify that prior to me receiving hormones & antiandrogens I was a fucking misery to be around & was on a self-destructive path to an early grave, transitioning was the best thing I ever did & it’s the best that many trans peeps do. Sure some who transition later regret doing so, but a) they’re small in number & b) they have no right to try & prevent those who would benefit from medical transition from doing so & spout hate at those who do undergo medical transition.


It’s hilarious that Mark & Lynna so often say with such innocence that they want to just have a discussion with the trans community, yeah like any of us in the trans community campaigning for trans rights are willing to talk with a pair of deranged trans Uncle Tom fuckwits who want at the very least to prevent the existence of trans peeps, that’s a kin to asking a Black civil rights activist to share a platform with members of the KKK & to which I’d rightfully expect any Black civil rights activist to say fuck right off to the very idea.

Fuck off Mark & Lynna Cummings if you think any of trans activists are going to give you any fucking credence yet enter any kind of discussion with you whilst you’re acting out upon your own self-hatred & spouting transphobic hate preventing peeps getting treatment which they’ll find is a lifesaver!

I’m Offended Alex Jones Doesn’t GET IT ON! Marvin Gaye Style With Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

So according to Paul Joseph Watson all feminists are fat & ugly & all women should naturally look like women he’d want to have sex with, I guess next the neanderthal misogynistic & sexist dick which Watson happens to be is going to tell the world that there isn’t enough good looking women for him to have sex with due to some giant illuminati conspiracy.


Hey I’m happy being fat lesbian trans woman, you know what they say about beauty being in the eye of the beholder etc, but if for a fucking neanderthal like Paul Joseph Watson thinks me being happy to be a fat lesbian trans woman is somehow spiteful to his manhood then WOO-FUCKING-HOO!


Why am I not surprised that I’m not the only trans woman who’s been trolled online by Paul Joseph Watson, by his own account the misogynistic & sexist & transphobic neanderthal trolled Zoey Tur after she confronted Ben Shapiro for being a transphobe live on television, ah yes that’s because Watson likely reckons that if trans women claim to be women then they should be subservient to men & not sticking up for ourselves in the face of hate. Hey it wouldn’t surprise me if Paul Joseph Watson didn’t dabble in a spot of domestic abuse, I’m actually pretty certain that his boss Alex Jones regularly beats his wife!


Of course being the total neanderthal bigot that Watson so obviously is, he doesn’t think trans women are in fact women & will troll you with asinine statements such as this…



Regardless of being offended by such ignorant statements such as the above or being offended by the very fact that neanderthal bigots like Watson have access to a computer to make such asinine statements & the rest of the hate fuelled shite he spouts, what really offends me is that Watson’s boss Alex Jones doesn’t GET IT ON Marvin Gaye Style with Paul. I’m pretty sure that Alex Jones has the biggest stash of gay porn going, I mean anytime you listen to him on his radio show waffling on his radio show about being masculine & being in the company of other men out in woods you just know that it’s more than a bromance he wants with other men, I bet Jones would just love to strip naked with Paul & get all oiled up in baby oil & kiss & fondle & let love take hold & there’d be nothing wrong with that what so ever but it’s just Jones can’t bring himself to admit that’s what he wants publically & so the world is subjected to the hate of an individual who’s seriously sexually repressed.


As for Paul Joseph Watson & his asinine statement claiming that it’s transphobic to suggest being trans is a medical disorder, err it’s totally asinine as gender dysphoria which is the medical term for trans is a bonafide legitimate medical disorder if & Paul stopped reading shite like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion & Atlas Shrugged & went & read some medical journals which aren’t written by quacks who reinforce his deep-seated hatred, then the neanderthal might actually learn better, but I doubt the fucker ever will.


I’ve a friend who’s a radical feminist & who just so happens to fit the profile of a feminine figure that seems to give Watson a hard on & well I showed her some of Watson’s odious hatefully opinionated videos of Watson & she laughed hysterically saying they’re just so stupidly offensive they’re fucking hilarious.


Yes I think the likes of Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson are a joke, but I’m intelligent enough to know this, but unfortunately there are some out there who are ignorant & emotionally unbalanced who have far too easy access to firearms & buy into the shit which Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson propagate.




I Don’t Think People Are Bored With Caitlyn Jenner Rather I Don’t Think Many Peeps Aspire To Be Her

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner

Because Cailyn Jenner’s new reality television series hasn’t been the immediate ratings success that some had hoped it to be, there’s been some speculation in the news media as to whether peeps have already gotten bored with Caitlyn & the journey she’s on. Personally I don’t think ‘I Am Cait’ hasn’t been a ratings success because peeps have already gotten bored with Caitlyn Jenner rather peeps aren’t tuning in because very few peeps aspire to be Caitlyn Jenner.


Whereas typical cisgender peeps will tune into watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians because they might aspire to be Kim Kardashian due to her being a typical cisgender woman who just so happens to be part of the whole famous for being famous celebrity culture which dominates contemporary culture, not many cisgender typical peeps are going to tune into ‘I Am Cait’ because they aren’t going to aspire to be a trans woman such as Caitlyn Jenner simply because they’re not transgender.


What I’m saying is that your typical cisgender person can probably relate to reality television stars such as Kim Kardashian or the late Jade Goody because in many ways they’re very much like them & thus they can easily aspire to be just like them, whereas they can’t relate so much to Caitlyn Jenner being a trans woman & thus can’t aspire to be her & the only peeps who are going to aspire to be a trans woman like Caitlyn Jenner are other trans women & in the great scheme of things we are very few in number.


Not so long ago I saw a video in which Paris Lees said she wanted trans to be something peeps should aspire to be & I kind of thought this was somewhat of a naïve & troubling statement, I mean you just don’t wake up one morning & decide to have HRT & gender reassignment surgery & live your life as a woman, you don’t aspire to be Black or Jewish you just are & the same goes for being a trans woman, I certainly wouldn’t want to encourage anybody to a trans woman just because they aspire to be like some ‘trans celebrity’ they’ve seen on television unless they’ve already transitioned, I certainly don’t think anybody should be encouraged to transition if the likelihood is they later regret doing so as that is never helpful for the trans community. If what Paris really meant by saying trans is something peeps should aspire to be is that trans peeps should use being trans to make a success of their lives then I fully endorse such a sentiment, no matter what misgivings any other trans woman might mouth at me about such a sentiment.


Here in Britain Paris Lees has been a great example of a trans woman who has made a success of being trans in the mainstream media & of course I would hope that Caitlyn Jenner was able to do the same in regards to the United States.


I certainly don’t want ‘I Am Cait’ to be a ratings failure & for the show to be cancelled halfway through its opening season as ‘I Am Cait’ could be a means of educating cisgender typical peeps about what it’s like to be trans. I might have misgivings about whether Caitlyn Jenner is representative of your average trans woman & there might some scenes in the show that are extremely cringeworthy for me & other trans women for playing into patriarchal stereotypes, however there’s still a good deal of content in the show which is true for all for trans women & there’s certainly much the television watching masses could learn particularly with input into the show from the likes of Candis Cayne & Jennifer Finney Boylan who themselves are trying to educate Caitlyn on her journey & that she wants to be a spokesperson for trans peeps then she’s going to have learn being a trans woman isn’t just about clothes & makeup.


I’m only speculating as to why ‘I Am Cait’ hasn’t been the ratings success as hoped, but for those typical cisgender peeps who do tune in then I hope they do gain some enlightenment about trans issues as it’s imperative that wider society is educated about trans issues.

Always Good To Meet Trans Allies Such As Owen Jones

Me & Owen Jones

Me & Owen Jones

The other I was attending a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn in Camden Town & afterwards I bumped into Owen Jones who if you don’t already know is a leftwing columnist for the Guardian & who gave a belter of a brilliant speech in support of Jeremy Corbyn & it just so happens that Owen is also a steadfast ally of trans peeps.


I’d not say Owen & myself are best buddies but when he saw me he greeted me with “ello Soph” & a smile on his face, so take that as you want, I guess we know of one another rather then actually know one another if you get my drift, but hey whatever it’s always great bumping into any trans ally who has high a profile in the media as Owen does & I’ve never enough nice things to say about Owen.


Obviously Owen is best known as a leftwing commentator & a brilliant orator & I certainly very much connect with his political perspective & appreciate what he has to say politically, but what is lesser known is that Owen is a trans ally who has advocated in defence of trans peeps & has been attacked for doing so from transphobic bigots who pose as lefties.


A few months ago I went to an event held at Amnesty International’s HQ in London which Paris Lees hosted & which was sponsored by the Guardian, along with Paris on the panel was Owen Jones & it was he who made the best points from panel that evening, here’s a guy who probably like me thinks that its in the best interests of trans peeps to align themselves with the left, not sure Owen would go as far as me in saying that it’s nonsensical for trans peeps not to be leftwing (well it fucking well is!), but here was a guy who definitely was a 100% ally of trans peeps as he supported trans peeps getting better treatment on the NHS & then there’s steadfast position of not giving credence or an inch to TERF dogma (which was positively different to the position of Peter Tatchell who was also on the panel that evening).


Just recently Owen Jones has been saying that Pride in London has lost it’s political edge in favour of it being one big corporate sponsored jolly piss up, I fully endorse what Owen is saying as there still is a need for LGBT Pride to have a political message particularly considering what happened at Brighton Pride last weekend & the likelihood there are far right fuckwits who’d gladly disrupt LGBT Pride events encouraged by the likes of Nigel Farage spouting anti LGBT bullshit, but there is a particular need for LGBT Pride to still have a political message when it comes to trans peeps as trans peeps are a couple of decades behind lesbian, gays & bisexuals when it comes to gaining equality & respect for what we happen to be.


I can’t say enough nice things about Owen but not just because he’s a trans ally, but it’s great that he is steadfastly a trans ally & will speak up for trans peeps.