More Transphobic Bigotry From Alex Jones & His British Underling Paul Joseph Watson


Alex Jones launches a transphobic attack against Caitlyn Jenner

Some of my trans sisters aware of Alex Jones might very well be tempted to respond to this by saying hey shocker NOT that Jones being a far right shock jock is spewing transphobic bigotry again & why thus why do I spend so much of my time & energy giving the fuckwitted gobshite attention.

My words are my gift & when necessary my weapon of choice & I chose my words to be a weapon against the repugnancy of transphobic bigotry & harm such bigotry can inflict upon trans peeps. I’m pretty sure that the hateful spew of Alex Jones has influenced emotionally unstable peeps with easy access to firearms to go do harm to various groups of peeps which includes committing hate crimes against the LGBT community.

Jones wouldn’t make fun & attack peeps who suffer from cerebral palsy nor would he make fun & attack peeps with a kidney disorder, he ain’t likely to attack or make fun of any person or group of peeps with a bonafide legitimate medical disorder & yet he will make fun & attack Caitlyn Jenner for being trans despite the fact that gender dysphoria (the medical term for trans) is a bonafide legitimate medical disorder.

Martin Luther King once said nobody should be judged on the colour of their skin but upon the content of their character, well that goes for trans peeps as we can’t fucking help being trans whether its me or Caitlyn Jenner. Yes Jenner’s politically conservative views suck, but not that she is trans as she can’t help that as much a black man can help being black & I doubt Jones & co are going to out & out attack Black peeps for being black, well they might do it subtly being the bigots that they are but they unlikely to scream the N word out loud.

If Jones unamusing transphobic rants were bad enough there’s the hideous repugnancy of this video posted by Paul Joseph Watson who’s Jones’s British underling, not only is that video definitely transphobic, it’s racist from as much as I could stomach to watch. Visit Watson’s Facebook page & you’ll see it littered with misogyny & hate upon more hate, the guy really looks like a poster boy for the far right who needs to stop intellectually wanking over Ayn Rand & get out more. Paul’s here’s an idea why not get out & meet trans peeps & hear our perspective rather than just reading crap that reinforces or feeds whatever deep-seated hate that seems to make you a truly despicable individual.

Of course bigots such as Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson will never relinquish the deep-seated hate that fuels them to spouting the bigoted shite they do at the trans community, the wider LGBT community & other minorities & as they spout the hateful shit which they do they’re potentially doing harm as they put ideas into the minds of the ignorant & unstable & its bang, bang & there’s more dead victims.

I don’t want any trans person slaughtered by some ignorantly unstable individual who’s bought into the transphobic hysteria of despicable individuals such as Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson.


I Went To Trans Pride


Yours truly at Trans Pride Brighton 2015

If there was no finer illustration of how far the cause of trans equality has come it was Capt. Hannah Winterbourne giving a speech at Trans Pride Brighton this past weekend. Hannah is the most senior trans woman currently serving in the British army & though I might not always agree with the wars fought by the British army, I think it’s only right that trans peeps can now openly serve in the British Army & Hannah is such a positive role model for those trans peeps who want to do so, despite whatever possible grumblings UKIP bigots might have about trans peeps serving in the British army is political correctness gone mad.


Trans Pride isn’t an event for UkIP bigots or transphobic bigots of any persuasion, for it’s an event for all us trans peeps to come together in our common bound & state loudly we are out, loud & proud!


I will take to my grave that I was at the inaugural Trans Pride back in 2013 & less there’s some personal or global disaster I’ll be attending next year & the year after next & the next after that, because Trans Pride Brighton has become annual highlight in my calendar as it’s such an exhilarating experience to be around so many who I’ve a common bound with, it’s such an exhilarating experience to be around with those who like myself have liberated themselves in having the courage to be themselves.


For me being openly trans is about the liberation, the liberation in having the courage to openly be myself & having the pride in doing so & thus seeing so many trans peeps in one place celebrating being trans is something I’m going fully endorse, no matter what some of trans old guard might say in criticism of us trans peeps who celebrate being trans by being loudly out, loud & proud.


There are still the likes of Fay Presto & some the previous generation of trans peeps who still seem to oppose trans visibility not realising that times have changed, not realising that trans peeps can openly serve in the army & trans peeps can now openly stand for political office, trans peeps can be open about who & what they are & be welcomed mainstream establishment circles. No more do we have to hide in the closet thinking being trans is something all are going to think is deviant & shameful. No trans woman nor any trans man should have to take shit for being trans & one way to do that is being openly trans to show you ain’t going to be bullied by transphobic shite & this is why events like Trans Pride are so important!


Whatever critical venom the likes of Fay Presto & the trans old guard might spout at those of us trans peeps who are out, loud & proud, it does not matter because they’ve lost the argument. As well as Trans Pride, there’s now the International Transgender Day of Visibility, the prominent mantra with the trans community is now out & proud & I’m seeing so many trans women in particular who have lived in stealth but who now are out & proud & rejoicing in being trans!


It might great that Hannah Winterbourne can be openly trans & serve as a captain in the British army, but there’s still a long way to go for trans peeps to truly gain equality in society, there’s still way too much transphobic hate crime out on the streets of Britain & around the globe. So as well as an Trans Pride being an event for trans peeps to celebrate being trans, it’s importantly to help further the cause of trans equality.

Zoey Tur vs Ben Shapiro Part 2



Zoey Tur & Ben Shapiro

Apparently Ben Shapiro Breitbart News’s editor-at-large has now filed complaint against trans activist Zoey Tur after she reacted to Shapiro’s continuous transphobic provocations on the Dr Drew On Call television show, by threatening to sending him in an ambulance.


Yeah as if Ben seriously thought Zoey Tur was going to kick the shit out him, the fucker knew perfectly well that by mouthing offensive transphobic shite whilst sitting right next to a trans woman was likely going to provoke some kind of emotional reaction from that trans woman! Ben kind of reminds me of that kid at school who constantly provokes, taunts, provokes, taunts & then when some other kid gives them a bloody nose they go crying to teacher attempting to play the innocent victim.


kind of think the police have got better things to investigate then empty threats what with all the murders & rapes that come as consequence of rightwing pricks like Shapiro opposing gun control, tax & an adequate welfare state. Maybe the police need to investigate all the assaults & murders of trans women as well as the multitude of other serious hate crimes being perpetrated against trans women across the United States, something which the likes of rightwing commentators such as Shapiro ignore & yet likely encourage with all the transphobic bullshit they spout in the news media.


I certainly don’t I condone Zoey Tur threatening to send a transphobic bigot such as Ben Shapiro home in an ambulance live on televsion, I certainly wouldn’t have done so, but I understand the upset Shapiro caused, I mean you’d not constantly remind anybody that they’d been abused as a child & constantly referring to Zoey or any other trans woman as male is pretty much the same thing.


Considering her reputation for being somewhat of a ‘trans separatist’ & being as I consider trans separatism to be a form of bigotry, I can’t say that I’m actually I’m thus a fan of Zoey Tur.


Trans separatism is pretty much the bullshit dogma within the trans community that unless you follow the exact path of other members of the ‘real’ trans women club buy doing a, b & c & have this surgery & that surgery, then you’re of course not a ‘real’ trans woman & you’re just a dirty fetishistic transvestite & should get lost from their presence for being so. I’m certainly not a fetishistic transvestite, I’ve followed the medical & surgical route, but I’ve found myself a victim of the ‘real’ trans woman doctrine & I kind of think we can do without trans women being bigoted trans elitist snobs towards other trans women who probably aren’t feeling great about themselves.

Alex Jones Yet Again Proves Himself A Transphobic Bigot


Alex Jones

About a year ago, Alex Jones the far-right US conspiracy shock jock, went on something of a rant where he was making out that Michelle Obama is in fact a trans woman living in stealth & of course this being Alex Jones he makes negative aspersions about being trans. Being a trans woman myself I can tell you with absolute certainty that Michelle Obama is not a trans woman & if ever the First Lady was a trans women then so fucking what, anyways the absurdity of Jones making out that Michelle Obama is supposedly a trans woman living in stealth can be illustrated by the fact that Jones doing so derived from a humorous off-the-cuff quip from the late Joan Rivers.


Fast forward a year to last week & Jones is now ranting about how we in the LGBT movement are some kind of asexual humanoid cult wanting to exterminate the human race. Err what the fuck?!?! It’s actually kind of hard to keep up with whatever absurd & inane bullshit that Jones is spouting, because I’m not even sure Jones himself knows what the fuck he’s saying, all I know is that amidst his latest rant against the LGBT community he has a dig at non binary trans peeps, but hey why should I be surprised that Jones having another dig at trans peeps, I mean the general tone of whatever inane bullshit he spouts about the LGBT community amounts to nothing but homophobic & transphobic hate & I’m sure he’s been ranting hateful shite about the LGBT community (& specifically trans peeps) in the past year which I’ve not been aware about.


Now my immediate reaction to hearing Jones latest bigoted rant towards the LGBT community was to burst into hysterical laughter at its sheer fucking absurdity & I’m sure there might be fellow trans activists who like me are aware of Jones’s rabid bigotry towards trans peeps & will likely say to me it ain’t news that there’s a far-right shock jock spouting hatred towards trans peeps. I know some will ask why is it I take seriously the inane bullshit of hate spouted by the likes of Jones & to which my answer is though I might have the intelligence to realise the shite Jones spouts is utterly fucking absurd, I know the hateful bigoted shite being spouted by Jones can unfortunately influence those who are emotionally unstable & downtrodden & have easy access to firearms & want a target to be provided to exercise their frustrations at.


When doing research for this blog post I surfed through Jones’s website to find out if there any articles published there which were specifically transphobic & sure enough there were plenty & even a hardened trans commentator such as myself found the content of the articles published there upsetting to view. It’s obvious with the media attention that Caitlyn Jones coming out as trans has received that Jones has used it as an opportunity to target the trans community & has been having his writers busy penning articles as well as republishing articles on his site from transphobic sources making out that being trans was an abomination against nature & the usual far-right rhetoric of hate towards the trans peeps.


Paul Joseph Watson is Jones’s chief writer, who funny enough happens to be British, has definitely been busy penning transphobically trashing Caitlyn Jenner & the wider trans community.


Considering the amount of homophobic, misogynistic, racist, not to mention homophobic & transphobic postings which litter Paul Joseph Watson’s Facebook profile it’s pretty obvious he’s something of a poster boy for the far-right, I say this to raise awareness of such an odious individual spouting hate towards us in the LGBT community & hoping that the likes of Hope Not Hate & other anti-hate groups keep an eye on him, but I also say all this to make peeps aware that I know full well that Jones & his cohorts aren’t just homophobic & transphobic & misogynistic bigots.


I’m perfectly aware that Alex Jones & cohorts are not just homophobic & transphobic bigots, there whole ‘New World Order’ socio-political conspiracy is essentially the modern form of Antisemitism as it derives from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which was an Antisemitic diatribe, but its beside the point of this article & what I generally commentate upon with this blog, to explain why as someone of Jewish descent I think the ‘Jews control the world economy’ conspiracy is fucking absurd not to mention fucking offensive.


Yes I’m well aware that Alex Jones & his cohorts aren’t just homophobic & transphobic bigots, they’re Antisemitic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, sexist, misogynistic, racist, bigoted douchebags & I regularly will do battle with bigots who spout racist or Antisemitic hate or whatever other hatred in forums away from here, because with this blog I concentrate upon writing about trans issues & thus concentrate upon the transphobia being spouted by the likes of Alex Jones & Alex Jones has plenty of history doing so & no doubt will continue doing so.

Zoey Tur vs Ben Shapiro


Zoey Tur & Ben Shapiro on on Dr Drew On Call

I personally wouldn’t have threatened to send Ben Shapiro home in an ambulance, but I perfectly empathise with how upset trans reporter Zoey Tur might have gotten at Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro constantly referring to Zoey & other trans women as men & for saying that trans women were mentally delusional whilst debating Caitlyn Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award on Dr Drew On Call.


If Ben Shapiro wants to talk about mental delusion then hey lets talk about his belief in an imaginary sky daddy which I gather he does by the fact he wears a kippah (Jewish skull cap). I’d imagine Shapiro might think that if anybody thought their life is being ruled by fairies at the bottom of garden then they’re in need of serious therapy & yet he thinks his homophobic & transphobic rhetoric of hate should somehow be respected because he reckons his imaginary friend called Yahweh tells him so.


I’ve always been one of those atheists who points out that if I reckoned I was hearing the voice of Che Guevara in my head then I’d be carted off to a psychiatric ward & yet if I heard the word of Jesus Christ ringing in my noggin then somehow I’m supposedly saved.  I’m one of those atheists who cuts through the theological dogma regards the Abrahamic faiths & tell it like it is & that’s whether you’re Christian or Jew or Muslim & the basis of your hate towards the LGBT community is based some crusty book which you reckon is the word of your imaginary sky daddy then you’re suffering mentally deluded & your hatred has no rational basis.


How about respecting peeps having the courage to be themselves & generally respecting peeps for living their lives as they want to, yeah there’s some rational thinking for you, but hey Ben Shapiro is so full of hate that he’s unable to do so & Zoey Tur was bang on for saying Shapiro is a little man who’s just full of hate.


Peeps should always have the right to believe in whatever they want, but religion is never an excuse for bigotry & must never be allowed to be used as an excuse for bigotry.


I can understand how some trans women might not think helpful of Zoey Tur to put her hand around Shapiro’s neck & threaten to send him home in an ambulance & certainly I’m not a big fan of Zoey Tur’s reputation for being somewhat a trans separatist which I do consider to be a form of bigotry, but the bottom line is she is a trans woman & I’m going to have solidarity with my trans women sisters when they’re confronted with such transphobic crap that Shapiro was spouting.

Continuously Trashing Caitlyn Jenner Is Pointless & Counterproductive


Caitlyn Jenner

I’ve had complaints from some within the trans community that my criticism of Caitlyn Jenner haven’t been fierce enough, not quite sure what some expect me to say of Caitlyn Jenner, err would like me to say Caitlyn Jenner is a cunt & totally trash on her because they’re so racked with self-hatred & envy.


Yes Caitlyn Jenner looks as stunning as she does thanks to an estimated $100million fortune (which she amassed largely thanks to male privilege) in enabling her to afford the necessary surgery to look as stunning as she does & thus for the vast majority of trans women across the United States & around the globe it’s not obtainable to look as stunning as Caitlyn Jenner. Yes the media hype there’s been surrounding Caitlyn Jenner isn’t helpful in respect to that it’s not giving a realistic depiction of what day to day life is really like for the majority of us trans women. Yes whilst Caitlyn Jenner lives life large in her Hollywood mansion or where ever, there’s trans women of colour being severely assaulted & murdered in states like Mississippi & Alabama, but if any of those trans women who are critical had seen past the self-hatred & envy gnawing away inside them then they’d have heard Caitlyn Jenner using their speech at the ESPY Awards to raise awareness of the violence there is towards trans women & that there needs to be far greater education about trans issues.


It’s not the fault of Caitlyn Jenner that there are trans women of colour being murdered in Mississippi or that trans women are unable to afford the surgery to able them to pass as female so less likely to have the shit kicked out of them by transphobic bigots nor there’s been a lack of education regarding trans issues so that wider society see there’s no need to fear us & I don’t get how some trans women can hang that on Caitlyn Jenner nor the likes of Lana Wachowski or even Paris Lees who’s in fact a pretty dedicated British trans activist & yet I hear much of the same criticisms directed at her as I hear towards Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner might welcome media attention which as a whole might not give a fair depiction of trans women, but Caitlyn is playing the media game in the age of celebrity famous being famous culture which seems to dominate so much of the western world & I don’t blame her for doing that as a means of feathering her nest, I blame the media owned my multinational corporations who’s interests is to keep peeps in the dark of the real issues by distracting peeps with reality television garbage.


Because Caitlyn Jenner is a reality television star there have been objections to her receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY Awards, err I think peeps forget that Caitlyn Jenner was an Olympic gold medal winning athlete & one of the me most famous American athletes for peeps growing up in the United States in the 1970s & though she’s far more fortunate then the vast majority of trans women, it still took a great deal of courage to come out as trans in the position she’s in.


Of course I’ve heard the criticism of why did she wait until she was 65yrs old to come out trans, why didn’t she come out back in the 1970s or the 1980s? Hey none of us know what crap that might have been going in her personal life which prevent them from coming out as trans & I find it fucking hypocritical for any trans woman who comes out in the 40s or older to be criticising Caitlyn Jenner for not coming out until they’re 65yrs old.


Some say that Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t deserving of a ‘courage award’, hey I don’t think Rocky was a better film then Network & yet Network lost out to Rocky for the Best Picture Oscar nor do I think a soppy piece of shite like Kramer vs Kramer was a better film then Apocalypse Now (the greatest film ever made!) but it was Kramer vs Kramer which won the Best Picture Oscar, of course such things are subjective just as whether Caitlyn Jenner was deserving of an award for courage. Are there sports peeps more courageous then Caitlyn, yes probably, but I can’t understand why trans women would join in such criticism as by her getting an award at ESPY Awards it raised awareness of the plight of trans women.


There is of course a conspiracy that Caitlyn Jenner only agreed to show up at ESPY Awards so she plug her new reality TV series, well if true hey so what because that’s how award ceremonies & talk shows often work, various celebrities will agree to turn up if they’re able plug whatever they’re currently promoting or if they’re definitely going to get an award. Hey so what if Caitlyn Jenner agrees to turn up at an awards ceremony because she’s going to get an award & to plug whatever she’s promoting, because can we remember that she used her time on stage to make an emotional speech raising trans awareness & how any trans woman can think that a bad thing mystifies me.


I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate criticisms of Caitlyn Jenner, but continuous trashing of Caitlyn Jenner is counterproductive to the trans community. Continuous bitching about the likes of Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t prevent trans women from being murdered nor help give better access to necessary medical services for trans women & so it’s pretty fucking pointless if not counterproductive to what the vast majority of want to achieve.

Angela Keaton Is Proof Not All Radical Feminists Are Rabid Transphobes

angelaThe doctrine of transphobic radical feminists goes something like all men are evil & because trans women were born biologically men then trans women aren’t really women & thus evil, luckily not all radical feminists subscribe to this distorted & twisted radical  feminist perspective which is nothing but a pseudo-intellectual argument disguised as bigotry.


Angela Keaton is better known as a prominent anti-war activist in the United States, however she’s also a vocal radical feminist & one who’s no fan of the likes of transphobic feminist bigots such as Cathy Brennan & is in fact a big supporter of the trans community & has long been so.


It might surprise some in the trans community to learn that not all radical feminists are rabid transphobes, Angela has said to me that she has always seen me as a woman regardless of any genital & hormonal deformity I was born with. Angela has been a very champion of Chelsea Manning, though of course this isn’t purely due Chelsea having come out as trans, but because Chelsea helped to expose a war crime, but Angela has also been vocally sympathetic to the plight of Chelsea Manning not receiving adequate medical treatment for gender dysphoria during her incarceration.


Though I don’t wholly agree with Angela’s anarcho-libertarian political perspective, I do agree that Chelsea Manning should be given a medal for exposing a war crime & not imprisoned for doing so, I also agree that the continuous wars for oil & western governments meddling in the Middle East on behalf of the interests of the Military Industrial Complex is counterproductive to the security & liberty of peeps around the globe.


It actually wouldn’t surprise me if Angela wasn’t appreciative of Jeremy Corbyn who I’m supporting for Labour leader & the stance he’s taken against military intervention in places such as Iraq & Libya, however what I’m most appreciative of Angela for is that she’s an individual on the radical fringes of feminism who will advocate that trans women are women as 99.9% of us trans women assert we are & as the vast majority of peer reviewed medical science endorses.


It’s good that there are radical feminists out there who don’t subscribe to the TERFs transphobic dogma of hate & who are in fact allies to trans women & the trans women.

If Caitlyn Jenner Is A Symbol Hope For Trans Peeps Then Who Am I To Deny That’s Not A Good Thing

11745959_10153462433862838_8881880467101625865_nLast night, upon receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPY Awards, Caitlyn Jenner made a wonderful speech championing trans peeps, it even reduced to tears this embittered & cynical trans commentator.


Who am I to deny that if Caitlyn is a symbol of hope to trans peeps out that’s a bad thing. Who am I to deny that if Caitlyn Jenner, Candis Cayne, Laverne Cox, Laura Jane Grace or Lana Wachowski or any other trans woman in the public eye are a symbol of hope for trans women struggling then that’s not a good thing.


It’s obvious from what Caitlyn Jenner said last night that she realises she’s in a very fortunate position & that the vast majority of trans women aren’t even fractionally in as fortunate position as Caitlyn Jenner, hey I say all power to her for using the media platform that she has to speak up for those trans peeps struggling with life being trans across the United States & around the globe.


I know some might say I’ve changed my tune somewhat regarding Caitlyn from the last outing I had writing about Caitlyn Jenner, I’ll admit that maybe my last outing I had writing about Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t the greatest piece I’ve ever written but some of my criticisms still hold true. Jenner looks stunning & I’m not denying that’s not a good thing, but she looks stunning because she has an estimated $100million fortunate (which she amassed due to male privilege) that’s easily enabled  them to have the surgery to look stunning & that’s something which isn’t obtainable for most trans women (particularly in the United States).


It’s worth noting that Jenner is known to be a supporter of the GOP & of course it’s been the GOP who have been vocal opponents of any steps towards the United States having a universal healthcare system. Maybe Jenner’s journey coming out as trans might change her political perspective as we saw here in Britain with Kellie Maloney, however if she sticks to supporting the GOP then I can’t help thinking it’s hypocritical for her to be speaking up for trans peeps whilst supporting the GOP, the party of exclusion, the party who have been more than hostile towards LGBT equality, the party who’s general stance is antithetical to the care of trans peeps.


Am I saying that all trans peeps in the United States should support the Democrats? Err yes because whatever voice the Log Cabin Republicans might still have in the GOP seems to count for squat in the current atmosphere within the GOP with the rabid anti LGBT bigotry of the Tea Party Movement.


Maybe as I say Jenner’s political perspective will change due to her journey flourishing as a trans woman, but it remains to be seen & so I personally still have mixed feelings about Caitlyn Jenner, however she did give a wonderful speech last night & if that inspired trans peeps & she gives hope to other trans women then who am I to deny that’s not a good thing.

I’m Not The Only One Who Thinks Liz Kendall is In The Wrong Leadership Contest

liz_kendallApparently I’m not the only Labour Party member who thinks Liz Kendall is in the wrong party leadership contest, allegedly a Yvette Cooper supporter has set up a Liz Kendall for Conservative Leader Facebook page & well I can’t help liking it (along with 4,000 plus other people) as it’s more than apt considering the rhetoric Kendall has been spouting. I’m sure Liz would be far happier campaigning to be Tory leader as she supports the Tories spending cuts & in fact supports UKIP’s immigration policy, for which she’s received praise from Nigel Farage UKIP’s leader & had the endorsement from The Sun newspaper.


Kendall is a closeted Tory & would try to take Labour in the direction of morphing the party ever more into Tory lite, something which the majority of the party membership don’t want, but according to Liz Kendall supporters I’m being vile towards Kendall & damaging Labour. Hey what’s fucking vile & damaging to Labour is having a Labour MP standing for the leadership of the party who says they support the Tories welfare cuts which will hurt the most disadvantaged & vulnerable peeps in society, peeps who have looked to Labour to speak up for them as Labour are supposedly the party that advocates greater equality & social justice, even Harriet Harman has now changed her position somewhat regards Labour not opposing the Tories after the parliamentary Labour party rebelled & said Labour rightfully need to oppose the Tories welfare cuts.


If Kendall supporters want to accuse myself of causing Labour harm to the Labour Party for speaking out against Kendall, then how about the procession of Blairites in the news media saying anybody then Corbyn for leader because supposedly Corbyn is a dangerous loony lefty, considering that Kendall wants to resurrect Blairism then hmm which candidate do you reckon those Blairites will happen to be supporting for Labour leader.


If Kendall supporters want me & other Labour party members to cease calling Liz Kendall a Tory then I’d suggest they persuade her to stop sounding like a Tory! Kendall’s pro Tory rhetoric scares shitless Labour members such as myself who have severe enough disabilities which make us reliant upon the welfare state.


It’s time those supporters of Liz Kendall realise there’s a battle going on for the heart & soul for the Labour Party & if they or their candidate is going to spout rhetoric which the majority of Labour members consider antithetical to what Labour stands for then they’re going to get grief.

Is There Anything More To Say About Caitlyn Jenner?

This photo taken by Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair shows the cover of the magazine's July 2015 issue featuring Bruce Jenner debuting as a transgender woman named Caitlyn Jenner.  (Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair via AP)

Caitlyn Jenner

Julie Buindel said she had nothing to say regarding Caitlyn Jenner coming out as trans, however her fellow transphobic feminist commentator Julie Burchill did have something to say in response to Caitlyn Jenner coming out as trans & as per usual with Burchill it was her usual brand of vile transphobic hateful bile & of course Germaine Greer another well transphobic feminist wasn’t exactly pleasant about Jenner coming out as trans (but I didn’t expect her to be), Oh & there was the utterly disgusting response from Brendan O’Neill who has a long history of being a total transphobic wanker extraordinaire in continuously refusing to give any respect to trans peeps.


Now the media shit storm surrounding Caitlyn Jenner coming out as trans has somewhat dissipated, the question is whether there’s anything really left to say about Caitlyn Jenner & the answer to that is yes there is. There’s plenty say about the news coverage surrounding Jenner coming out as trans & how much of it stank! From Julie Burchill’s transphobic vile bile in response to Jenner coming out to a Fox News pundit blaming the Charleston shooting on Caitlyn Jenner coming out, the vast majority of the news media coverage I’ve seen in response Caitlyn Jenner was transphobic in stench, this of course might be due the news media having a conservative bias, but the point needs to be made none of those same media outlets wouldn’t have pundits saying similar hateful shite about any ethnic minorities as they have done about trans peeps such as Caitlyn Jenner.


It’s not as if I don’t have any criticisms of my own of Caitlyn Jenner, but firstly I’m a trans woman myself who transitioned nearly a half a decade ago & secondly I’d not criticise Caitlyn Jenner for being trans. There’s a saying amongst trans women which is that the only other person who truly understands you being trans is another trans woman & believe me from experience I know that to be an utter truism. The news media really should get to grips with the peeps who should be commenting on trans issues are trans peeps & not media talking head know nothing gobshites, but hey the media has a conservative bias & being as we are such a small minority its so easy to shit upon us in taunting, mocking, demonising, persecuting us for whatever asinine reason.


It’s positive in itself when any public figure comes out as trans as it gives the issue of being trans far greater attention in the media, however though I might think myself beautiful, I don’t have the money to look as beautiful as Caitlyn & thus my criticism of Caitlyn Jenner is Caitlynn Jenner doesn’t look like your average trans woman & good on Paris Lees for pretty much this point on Newsnight a few weeks back when the program covered Jenner coming out as trans.


Of course an accurate depiction of trans women in the media is pretty much the same feminist argument about the media giving a more realistic depiction of cisgender women, but particularly for trans women its an argument that needs to be more forceful because of the debilitating nature of gender dysphoria which can lead to trans women self-harming & taking their own lives due to not being able to achieve body beautiful womanhood & thus sadly there’s also a down side for some vulnerable trans women having Caitlyn Jenner looking stunning on the front cover of Vanity Fair as it can send the message that if you don’t look this beautiful etc.

Not all trans women are fortunate to transition in a position of privilege as Caitlyn Jenner has been able to & this needs to be reiterated time & time again, there needs to be more exposure of the shite most trans women have to deal with day to day, even for those of us who successfully transition have to infrequently endure.


So just over a month since Caitlyn Jenner came out as trans on the front-cover of Vanity Fair, yes it’s been positive as its gotten more media for trans issues, but it hasn’t told the full story regarding many of the issues faced by your average trans woman.