Nick Martin – Mayor of Swindon

The Tory Mayor of Swindon has been forced to apologise after describing people with disabilities as “mongols” & questioned whether people with disabilities should have sex. Nick Martin made his repugnantly offensive remarks about peeps with disabilities during a Swindon Borough Council meeting & then proceeded to deny any wrongdoing & only now has done so due to two Labour councillors lodging a complaint & independent standards panel found him guilty & ordering him to apologise.

The fact that a Tory politician could make such offensive remarks about peeps with disabilities is egregious enough; but the fact that he then proceeded to then deny any wrongdoing for making such offensive remarks & having had to be forced to make an apology is beyond egregious, as it illustrates another individual on the rightwing of the political spectrum who has some pretty repugnantly offensive views about those of us with disabilities & expresses such repugnant views about those of us with disabilities with sickening arrogance. Mr Martin shouldn’t have just had to of been forced to apologise for making hideously offensive remarks which he made about peeps with disabilities but should be forced to resign & if the Tories had any sense they’d ban him ever running for public office again as well as any other Tory who espouses similar repugnant views about peoples with disabilities; but of course this is the Tories we are talking about & they’ve been the party in government over the last four years victimizing peeps with disabilities.

Questioning whether people with disabilities should be having sex, err what the f…?!?!? Do the likes of Mr Martin & any other Tory think that peeps with disabilities are spreading some kind of sexually transmitted disease which spawns infants with deformities? I serious worry about what kind of dement frigging ignorant backwards repugnant thinking some Tories might have about people with disabilities having sex, because Mr Martin isn’t the first Tory or rightwing headbanger I’ve heard questioning whether peeps with disabilities should be having sex since the Tories came to power in 2010. Ever since the Tories came to power in 2010 peeps with disabilities have been systematically victimized for the economic problems in this country despite those economic problems being caused by the mistakes of bankers; but there have been some on the rightwing of the political spectrum who have gone beyond the general victimization of peeps with disabilities via supposed welfare reform (& I’m not talking about neo-Nazis here) in suggesting the sterilization of people with disabilities or compulsory euthanasia of peoples with severe disabilities as a means of reducing tax & spending,

Mr Martin’s remarks about people with disabilities were offensive & yes certainly ludicrous, but they’re also extremely dangerous because questioning whether peeps with disabilities should be having sex is helping to nudge open a Pandora’s Box of questions about eugenics which certainly aren’t beneficial to peeps with disabilities. We’ve seen before from the history of the last century that when there are severe economic problems & when minorities are being victimized for those economic problems & you’ve people entertaining hideous ideas about eugenics, it leads to certain minorities being sent to extermination camps. Some might think me an alarmist but I believe I’ve legitimate worries of history repeating itself & me & other peeps with disabilities being a victim of that possible repetition, because despite the fact it was the bankers not peeps with disabled which caused the world economic crisis which we’re still reeling from, bankers have used money & influence to buy Tory politicians & manipulate the media to deflect blame upon people with disabilities for the economic suffering of the many & the many bought into blaming peeps with disabilities for their economic troubles.